Delivery of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions for asset management business

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Automate phone assistance of stock- and mutual funds-related inquiries

Provide IVR services for customer service and reduce communication costs thus enabling 24-hour assistance

Mutual Funds Data Analysis

Conduct historical data analysis of publicly traded mutual funds

Use historical NAVs (net asset value) and indices to analyze such data as

Macroeconomic Data Analysis

Analyze statistical data of interest rates and indices for the past 50 years

Estimate fluctuation of mutual funds with short “track records” by determining risk impact levels per asset class based on historical data

Asset Management BOT Services

Develop phone-, SMS-, push notifications-, Messenger-based BOTs

Integrate macroeconomic data and all fund-related data to develop high quality UI/UX IVR services for daily use


Develop robo-advisor engines

Provide customized robo-advisor engines that recommend investment strategies to achieve a portfolio for appropriate asset management


Satoshi Noguchi (CEO)

Founder of Robot Fund. Joined SBI Holdings where he handled payment systems, encryption, and credit card number validation, and web marketing. Acquired data and market analysis expertise of publicly offered mutual funds at Pictet Asset Management, which he joined in 2011. Graduated from Faculty of Economics, Chuo University

Yasushi Kusaka (Chairman & COO)

Prior to joining Robot Fund in November 2016, served as Partner and COO at Ernst and Young Tax and as Representative for Japan at BNP Paribas Cardif. Spent 11 years at Industrial Bank of Japan after earning his bachelor's degree in Economics from Keio University. Also holds a master’s degree from Harvard Kennedy School

Takuya Sagawa (Sales Director)

Prior to joining Robot Fund, gained expertise in financial markets trading at Joined Japan Bond Trading, went on to General Solutions (now Fisco IR) to assist companies with their investors relations, provided big data analytics solutions at VALUENEX, and delivered marketing automation tools at Shanon. Graduated from Faculty of Economics, Chuo University

Toshiro Yagi (Chief Technology Officer)

After engaging in complex large-scale system development for mobile phones, went freelance as software developer for smartphones. In the mean time, developed free software and participated in communities, and currently hosts the Twilio developers’ community. Joined Robot Fund in October 2016

Yusuke Murata (External Director)

Serves as External Director since July 2016. Currently one of General Partners at Incubate Fund which he founded with his partners in 2013 after spending seven years at NIF Ventures (now Daiwa Corporate Investment). Graduated from Department of Economics, Rikkyo University

Yudai Yamada (CFO)

Joined Gree in 2011 and took on such tasks as corporate branding, budgeting, investment due diligence, investment relations, and business management of subsidiaries. Currently an associate at Incubate Fund in charge of discovering investment destinations, investment value-up, and recruitment support.

Junji Takasaki (Auditor)

Served as Managing Director at Daiwa Securities and Senior Managing Executive Officer at NIF Ventures (now Daiwa Corporate Investment)

Ryuji Sasage (Data Scientist)

While attending graduate school established DELC, a start-up in developing smartphone and web applications. Prior to joining Robot Fund, developed “labor management system” at Accenture in 2016. Graduated from Faculty of Law, Kyoto University and Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University

Taro Asai (Chief Risk Officer / Chief Compliance Officer)

After working with Industrial Bank of Japan, engaged in Basel III implementation at FSA Supervisory Bureau where he went via Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC, and after returning to Deloitte continued accumulating expertise in Basel regulations. Joined Robot Fund with the same mind that asset management UI/UX is key for promoting Tokyo as a global financial center. College of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo. Certified Public Accountant

Kirihito Yajima (Chief Quantitative Analyst)

Before joining Robot Fund team in May 2017, engaged in institutional sales at Credit Suisse using HOLT valuation model, in marketing and in sales-assisting data analysis at BNP Paribas Cardif, in M&A valuation at actuarial consulting Milliman, and in sales resource optimization at ZS Associates. College of Mathematical Sciences, University of Tokyo.

Akio Tajima (Chief Developer)

Joined NCR Japan and adhered to all levels of wholesale distribution from POS systems to center systems building on expertise in customer transaction solutions. Also from around the year 2000, developed free software and wrote articles under pseudonym “arton.”

Naruto Sato (Director, Asset Management Products)

Initially joined Kokusai Asset Management in 2008 and engaged in asset management outsourcing services and in constructing the sales framework of balanced funds. After working with Schroder Investment Management, joined Rheos Capital Works and took charge of direct sales of mutual funds and of marketing of sales via financial institutions. Graduated from Meiji University, School of Law

Yaye Nakano (Head of Operations)

After undertaking international public relations at Bank of Japan, engaged in corporate planning at an internet startup. Joined consulting firms including Ernst and Young Tax specializing in such fields as transfer pricing and securities litigation then taking charge of business development. BA in Economics, Keio University and MBA Yale University

Arda Karaduman (Senior Developer)

Received Master of Science in Computer Science from Keio University in 2008. Has been working for Japanese start ups and mid size businesses since 2011. Enjoys working on cloud solutions, automation, and system integration projects.

Takatsugu Nokubi (Senior Data Scientist)

As research and development engineer at Toppan Printing, led projects inside and outside the company. Developer of open source full-text search engine Namazu and maintainer of Debian GNU/Linux distribution, and held such positions as President of Japan Linux Association and free software initiative of Japan board member. Extensive experience in natural language processing, neutral network R&D, and machine learning with a focus on deep learning.

MD Mizanur Rahman (Solution Architect)

Managed various tasks from designing to development and operations of social games and/or e-commerce backend, ERP software, and of content management of venture companies and large corporations. Good at architecting and building highly-available and scalable applications.

Sho Shibata (Director (Business Development / Project Management) )

Joined consulting firm as IT consultant in 2007, then took on role of project leader at BNP Paribas Cardif for such tasks as system development for new products and/or operations automation using information technology. At AXA General Insurance, took charge of improving project portfolio management and reforming project governance. Joined Robot Fund in May 2018.

Kenji Matsuoka (Director, Finance)

After engaging in finance, corporate planning operations and several projects at IT- and internet-related domestic and foreign companies, managed finance related projects at PwC Consulting. Joined Robot Fund in July 2018.

Masayuki Morita (Sales Director)

Provided consulting services to Japan's megabanks for over 10 years while at Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting and PwC Consulting. Spearheaded the strengthening of business management and sales promotion with a focus on data from international divisions. Also assisted executions of systems-related projects as PMO consultant. Joined Robot Fund in August 2018.

Gakushi Hashida (Sales Director)

After graduating in 2006, joined Mizuho Securities/commercial banks and engaged in arranging securitized products and their delivery to institutional investors for more than ten years. Joined Robot Fund in August 2018.

Isamu Saeki (Sales Director)

Worked for multiple global Investment Banking IT divisions in charge of building global market data and domestic Exchange data providing systems. Then worked for market data providing vendor in charge of building Data Center and define the contents of services provided via central data center. Commenced at RobotFund company Sep 2018.

Thomas Brennetot (Senior Engineer)

Constantly working to expand his skills and hone his craft as a software engineer. Learned to learn in Epitech and ETNA universities. Has been working for all kind of companies, from the startup to big company since 2012 back in France and from 2014 in Japan.

Setsuya Sato (Senior Advisory)

Professor at Toyo University. After joining Bank of Japan, held executive positions at foreign-affiliated insurance company and securities firm, and acted as Executive Managing Director at Japan GE thereafter. Graduated from Faculty of Economics, Tokyo University and MPhil. in Economics, Oxford University

Takeo Sekihara (Senior Advisor)

Acted as Director at Industrial Bank of Japan, Executive Vice President at Mizuho Trust & Banking, President at Japan Investor Solutions & Technologies (JIS&T), and Director at Rakuten Bank. Graduated from Faculty of Law, Kyoto University

Toshifumi Ikemori (Senior Advisor)

Joined Industrial Bank of Japan in 1977, and in 2007 became President & CEO of Mizuho-DL Financial Technology Co., Ltd. Served as Part-Time Lecturer of the Faculty of Economics at University of Tokyo, Visiting Professor and Research Professor thereafter of the Graduate School of Commerce and Management, Hitotsubashi University, and Technical Fellow at Mizuho-DL Financial Technology. Graduated from College of Mathematical Sciences, University of Tokyo.


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Company Profile

Company Name Robot Fund Co., Ltd.
CEO Satoshi Noguchi
Founded May 2016
Capital JPY 308mm
Shareholders Satoshi Noguchi, Yasushi Kusaka, Incubate Fund, Mizuho Securities Principal Investment, TechAccel Ventures, MUFG Bank, SMBC Venture Capital, Securities, Mizuho Capital
Address Kayabacho Icchome Heiwa Bldg, 1-8-1 Nihonbashikayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0025

Notified Telecommunications Business Operator

Financial Instruments Business Operator: Kanto Local Finance Bureau (FIBO) No. 3006

Member of Japan Investment Advisers Association